Vito Centofanti

Vice President of Sales

Vito CentofantiWith a background in the U.S. Marine Corps and more than two decades of sales experience, Vito Centofanti knows how to lead a team with decisiveness and resourcefulness.

As the Vice President of Sales at STS, Vito spearheads the strategic aspects of all of the sales team’s efforts. He’s particularly adept at uniting teams and creating a sales culture that’s based on a consultative approach. With this philosophy at work, STS clients experience a greater level of personal commitment, and the dynamic becomes more about solving customers’ problems than simply selling them products.

Over the course of his diverse career, Vito has worked with Sprint/Nextel, AT&T and a variety of players in the telecommunications industry. His career has been defined by results-driven decision-making and leadership with integrity at its core. In other words, he’s just the kind of executive we like to have in our ranks.

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